Numeracy skills are just as important in our society as reading and writing. Children with a weakness in arithmetics have deficits in basic mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children often linger in counting processes.

How does dyscalculia show?

  • Great difficulties in arithmetics
  • Lack of imagination about quantities and numbers
  • Counting instead of calculating
  • Fingers serve as a calculation aid
  • Practice does not show any success
  • Homework becomes a stressful situation
  • Fear, stomach ache

My assistance starts with targeted diagnostics. First, I check whether there is an understanding of quantities, which is the basis for elementary school mathematics. With an individually created support plan, I orient myself to the zero-error limit and pick up your child at the point where it can still cope with the requirements. In doing so, I particularly avoid creating an overburdening situation. Exploring mathematics through the spirit of research and curiosity and not through stupid practice, this relieves the level of fear of mathematics and reduces the emotional burden. Supporting you as parents professionally in order to be able to help your child is an important backing of my work.

Would you like more information?

I would be happy to clarify all of your questions in a personal meeting – confidentially and without obligation.

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