Reading weaknesses / dyslexia

The weakness in reading and writing / dyslexia represents a great challenge for the children concerned, the parents and also for the teachers. Dyslexics often show that they are talented students. However, as soon as they come across letters, their attention decreases. Reading is exhausting and writing shows a high number of errors. Assistance measures, such as daily practice, do not bring the desired success and the children quickly get into a downward spiral.

Secondary problems arise, which can manifest themselves in the following appearances:

  • Resistance to performance requirements
  • Motivation problems
  • Fear of school / school refusal
  • Stomach ache / headache
  • Sadness / listlessness
  • Aggressive behavior

I create an individual therapy plan tailored to your child and supervise the personal progress. From the bottom up, the focus is on the individual stages of the acquisition of the written language. I include you as parents in the therapy and support you so that you can also support your child.

By recognising and promoting writing and reading skills at an early stage, the skills to learn to read and write are built up, and emotional distress can be avoided.

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