to the online practice for learning therapy

With us you will find support that is individually tailored to your child.

Learning therapy is a form of therapy for the treatment of learning impairments such as weaknesses in reading and writing (LRS) and dyslexia as well as dyscalculia / arithmetic weaknesses. Based on the individual skills of your child, our goal is to lead your child from negative, inhibited learning behavior to a positive learning structure through individual support.

Our approach with mindfulness, hearing and empathy leads beyond the improvement of the learning behavior to the very important restoration of mental health and self-confidence of your child. This is the basis for building a broadly positive outlook, motivation, and attitude.

Please be aware: LRS & dyscalculia you cannot work against successfully with private lessons / tutoring / coaching or any training.

Instead, therapy is required that can only be provided by trained psychological learning therapists.