Frequently asked questions

How does online therapy work technically?

The easiest way (without a software installation) is the video conference via MS Teams/Zoom. Other platforms are also possible on request.

What are the causes of dyslexia?

After years of research, it is known that dyslexia has predominantly genetic causes. Six regions were identified on chromosomes 1, 2, 3, 6, 15 and 18 that are responsible for influencing reading and writing performance.

What are the causes of dyscalculia?

The genetic makeup, as well as the possibility and quality of the learning opportunity offered to a child in its environment, probably play a cause for the dyscalculia. Research is still in motion here, and new approaches are constantly being scientifically investigated.

When can you diagnose dyslexia or dyscalculia?

At around the time of the transition from first to second grade of school, you should no longer rely on the hope that the breakthrough will happen soon and that the numerous mistakes will improve over time.

Initial difficulties are not a cause for concern. If, however, the perception that a child learns to read slowly, hesitantly and often without understanding the meaning becomes solidified in the first two years of school, or if it still calculates purely mechanically and without actually understanding numbers, then you should act and consult an expert.

Who pays for extracurricular assistance?

Parents usually pay themselves for online therapy.

Since I am recognised as a service provider by the various youth welfare offices in the region, integration assistance can be provided under special conditions within the framework of §35a KJHG.

Costs can also be covered by sponsoring associations through membership fees and donations.

Why don’t practice, tutoring/private lessons & training help?

We only work on the symptoms and not on the causes. This does not bring the desired success and your child is even more frustrated because it does not feel the desired effect after long and intensive practice times.

Who can help my child?

Make sure that the therapy is not carried out by a tutoring institute. Dyslexia and dyscalculia therapy is not private teaching!

Instead, choose a development association with educational-psychological specialists who have acquired their specialist qualifications through a university degree, are continuously receiving further training and have valuable practical experience as qualified therapists. Support in the symptom area, personality development and work with parents should be included. Individual therapy with scientifically based support programs is a basic requirement to help your child effectively.

Would you like more information?

I would be happy to clarify all of your questions in a personal meeting – confidentially and without obligation.

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